Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maui, Hawaii

Inside a cool cavern
On a hike to Twin Falls

Weldon and Gean

On a trip to see whales!

Shaun and Daisy on the beach near our hotel

Shaun and I were privileged to take a fabulous vacation to Hawaii. His parents had a room
available adjoining theirs in Maui, and invited us to go last minute. We happened to be able to right then, with overtime coming up for Shaun, and some use of miles and points on credit cards and airlines. Overall, we had a fabulous time! Thanks Weldon and Gean! We did have our kids stay at home with a most wonderful family, and took Daisy along since she is still nursing and just 8 months old. I maybe could've had another plan for her to stay, but I did want to come home to friends who still wanted to be around me:)
For anyone looking to get away with their loved one, I totally recommend this place! Yes, food is expensive, but where isn't it when you are going tropical? What beauty, what fun, and what a great time!


Jason and Amy said...

Soooo super great to see pictures from you get away... You three look so great.

Chrissy Beach said...

Awesome Liz! We loved Maui when we went there a couple of years ago. Miss you guys! Hope you are doing good and enjoying those four cute kids of yours!


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