Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maui, Hawaii

Inside a cool cavern
On a hike to Twin Falls

Weldon and Gean

On a trip to see whales!

Shaun and Daisy on the beach near our hotel

Shaun and I were privileged to take a fabulous vacation to Hawaii. His parents had a room
available adjoining theirs in Maui, and invited us to go last minute. We happened to be able to right then, with overtime coming up for Shaun, and some use of miles and points on credit cards and airlines. Overall, we had a fabulous time! Thanks Weldon and Gean! We did have our kids stay at home with a most wonderful family, and took Daisy along since she is still nursing and just 8 months old. I maybe could've had another plan for her to stay, but I did want to come home to friends who still wanted to be around me:)
For anyone looking to get away with their loved one, I totally recommend this place! Yes, food is expensive, but where isn't it when you are going tropical? What beauty, what fun, and what a great time!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lydia's 2nd Birthday!

So our littlest lady has turned 2! She has been making sure that we know it as well! The day of she threw a huge fit at Tori's kindergarten orientation, and been sure to crush crackers into the carpet, dump out water all over Gabe's homework, and shred lettuce leaves I needed for dinner. Maybe that's just her too.

We threw a BBQ and invited friends and family. That was fun to do after 5 years of not being able to! With about 45 people, we had a great time. Even Lydia didn't want to open her gifts, she was enjoying everyone so much. We really appreciated everyone coming, even from great distances! It was a lot of fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I got a haircut

At the Real Game! Who is that cute man I hooked up with? My stylist. J/K

As I was driving from the salon, and looking at the road of course.

Yep. I cut my hair. Actually, I hired someone. And it was a cool experience. My friend Kiersten Dewey, who is so awesome!, took the kids so I could go do that. She's so cool. It's shorter and quicker, and I like it. I did want it a little longer, but hair grows thank goodness!

ReAl Salt Lake Game!

Our crew. I grabbed a guy with a kid to take it. He was nice to get us all in!

Gabe took this!

She only smiles for dad in pictures. She had fun!

Kansas' goalie Hartman.

This is, wait, this is Tori's soccer team! Go Mandarins.

We were front row! Awesome! Like I said, Aunt Sarah rocks!

Tori with her friend Courtney

Gabe and Dad having fun!

Sarah and Coby Jones with their sons

Leo the Lion came and said hello!

Last night we were able to go to our first soccer game played by the pros at the Real Salt Lake Center just a few miles from us. All I can say is that Aunt Sarah rocks! (she hooked us up with the awesome seats) That was fun! It was completely packed and our kids loved it. We also had dinner with some friends we made from Gabe's t-ball league named the Jones'. We all had fun, and after an hour, decided the wrestling match with the kids had been a good one, so we came home.

Thanks for a great time Sarahs and we should do that again! Go Real!

On Mother's Day

My brother Nate
Rob's wife Jen
My sister Sarah and James
My sister Emily and Cory and baby Ella
My brother Rob

My sister Becky, Aarol, their daughter Grace, and son Max

My mom! and dad!

My sister Racheal and daughter Leah

My handsome honey and 3 reasons I love being a mom!

Mother's day barbecue at my brother Rob's house.

We also got to enjoy a fabulous dinner on Mother's Day at my brother Rob's house in Benjamin. Speaking of Benjamin, we also got to speak to him on his mission and he is in Manchester, New Hampshire right now! I was so close to him once upon last year. I am the only sister not pregnant and not to have had a child within the last 2 months. Maybe next year!

Mother's Day 2009

The clan!

Love those cute cousins!

My crew (it stunk in this room! as shown by Tori)

Lovely Mindy and Abby!

Lydia's favorite: Isaac as he lifts her up to see monkeys (so cute!)

This giraffe was so close!

Me and the girls on the carousel. Thanks Mindy!

The man of my dreams.

My flowers.

I loved Mother's Day this year! Shaun is so awesome to make it special. He always does. On Thursday I came home to flowers, cute pictures from each kiddo, and a yummy chocolate cream pie! Oh so delicious! We celebrated from Thurs-Sun., so I felt extra special.

We also went to the zoo with Justin and Mindy Hill and their cute kiddos the Saturday before. We hadn't been to the Hogle Zoo for several years, so that was fun! We all wore t-shirts that got us free icecream treats, a craft for mom, and a massage, that was booked out before we had a chance to check it out. Oh well, Shaun covered that when we got home! Thanks sweetheart!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of visits!

So far this April, we are loving having a home to have lots of visitors! From Maine, we got our great friend Jamie Harris who came and said a quick hello as she passed through!

From Wyoming we had Kris and Celeste Cluff and their sons Jaxon and Shaun. We love Shaun's sister and her husband and sons and totally welcomed them into our home. The only sad part is that they had to leave. We loved having them here. The kids checked on them every morning.
And we also enjoyed some aunts showing off their sweet new babies! Becky with her new little Max and Emily with Ella. We loved having them at our home! It's great to be close again!

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